FAQs: What are the benefits of Braided Brake Lines?

What are the benefits of Braided Brake Lines?

In every hydraulic braking system, the standard rubber flexible brake hoses are the weakest point, prone to damage from corrosion and abrasion, and often suffering from expansion under hard braking.

Goodridge high performance brake lines consist of a PTFE inner, with a stainless steel outer braid. The braid eliminates hose expansion, resulting in a firmer, less spongy pedal operation with greatly increased pedal feel and braking response.

In addition, Goodridge braided brake hoses are resistant to abrasion and corrosion, offering a long-lasting, cost-effective solution with a lifetime guarantee*; not to mention the hoses are available in a range of colours for improved looks.

Goodridge offer a large selection of brake line kits covering a wide range of vehicle makes & models, making our braided stainless-steel brake line kits a great choice, particularly for rare, exotic and classic vehicles where parts can be hard to source.