Goodridge Buildaline Products

1. SELECT FITTINGS Select the appropriate fittings, adaptors and T-Pieces. Fittings can be aligned on installation.

2. SELECT REQUIRED HOSE LENGTH Buildaline hoses are manufactured from 200mm to 1700mm (25mm increments). Measuring from the existing centre of banjo bolt to existing centre of banjo bolt, deleting 90mm to take account of the fittings at each end, will give you the correct Buildaline length to order. *Custom lengths available in 25mm increments. Please contact us. *Remember to consider suspension travel when selecting hose lengths.


4. SELECT ANCILLARIES Select the appropriate fittings, adaptors and T-Pieces.


Buildaline Hose Length *Remember to consider suspension travel when selecting hose lengths. Buildaline Hose Length + 90mm = centre to centre length Hose cut point 45mm Centre to Centre Buildaline hose length is measured from this point

1. Fit in place the banjo adaptors with the bolts and the correct amount of washers. Our recommended torque setting for this is 14 – 24 ft/lbs. This torque setting is advisory for the fittings, NOT for your master cylinder or calipers. Care must be taken not to damage either your master cylinder or calipers. Please also ensure that you have chosen the correct threaded bolt for your application.

2. Locate the correct length hose. Route the hose safely, ensuring that it cannot be damaged by daily use of your bike, when the steering is at full lock. Use tube clamps if necessary (SBKPLCC-05) to help with the routing.

3. Screw the hose onto the banjo adaptors, making sure that it has been fully tightened. Tip - As a rough guide, finger tight then a ¼ turn will give you 14 ft/lbs.

4. P-Clips (SBKPLCC-05) are available to ensure that your hoses are routed correctly.

5. Bleed your brakes correctly and carefully following any special bleeding sequence as recommended in your bike manual. Use the manufactures recommended brake fluid. Goodridge recommend a high quality DOT 4 fluid


7. After using your bike for the first time, we recommend that you give your brakes and fittings a thorough inspection to check for any leaks