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Goodridge G-Link quick disconnect couplings (otherwise known as dry-breaks) are a lightweight coupling that can be disconnected and reconnected in seconds, without the need to re-bleed the system.

G-Link couplings are designed for use with brake lines, fuel lines, oil lines and pneumatics.

There are two types of G-Link available, ‘bayonet’ and ‘pull type’, both with a range of seals to suit different applications. 

These pull type couplings use a locking mechanism designed for single handed operation, a ‘pull’ of the outer sleeve will couple/uncouple the G-Link with no separate actuation required for operation.

To verify the correct connection, the female half is equipped with a green indicator ring. The indicator ring can alternatively be replaced by a retaining clamp. (This can only be attached when the halves are coupled and eliminates the risk of unintentional coupling).

Additionally, the whole operating mechanism is O-ring sealed to achieve particular suitability for rough conditions and to reduce environmental effects.

Both halves, plug and socket, are equipped with self-acting valves to stop fluid loss and air ingress.

The pull type can hold pressure up to 150 bar (AN-06 & AN-08) & 100 bar (AN-12).

Available in JIC/UNF AN-06, AN-08 & AN-12 thread fitments.

Additionally pull type dry break couplings can be used as a security shut-off device, e.g. for fuel lines.

For this purpose one half of the coupling is equipped with a lanyard to separate the halves in case of an accident (see available LANYARD options on separate page) 

Technical Information:

Seal Type Description Operating Temperatures Fluids
 FPM B Fluorocarbon -20°C to 200°C Fuel, Ethanol, Vegetable oil


For further technical information please check the Goodridge Performance Parts catalogue, which is available to download on www.goodridge.com, or contact our technical customer service team.

**Goodridge G-Links are designed & developed for motorsport and off-road use only**


For all our parts such as fittings, oil coolers, fuel hoses and other parts excluding brake or clutch line kits we offer a 12-month warranty. Brake and Clutch line kits come with a lifetime warranty or for the length of the time you own the vehicle.