Available Options

Zinc Plated - Zinc plated provides a great value option for every application

Stainless Steel - High grade stainless steel is guaranteed corrosion resistant

£106.26 ex. vat

Goodridge G-Link quick disconnect couplings (otherwise known as dry-breaks) are a lightweight coupling that can be disconnected and reconnected by hand/ lanyard in seconds; without the need to re-bleed the system. Perfect for brake lines, fuel lines, oil lines and pneumatics. There are two types of G-Link available, ‘bayonet’ and ‘pull type’; with a range of seals to suit different applications. Both halves, coupler and nipple, are equipped with self-acting valves to stop fluid loss as well as air inclusion during coupling.

Optionally the dry break coupling can be used as a security shut-off device, e.g. for fuel lines. For this purpose one half of the coupling is equipped with a lanyard to separate the halves in case of an accident (Pull-Type only). 

Technical Information:

Seal Type Description Operating Temperatures Fluids
 FPM B Fluorocarbon -20°C to 200°C Fuel, Ethanol, Vegetable oil
TFE/P Tetrafluoroethylene & Propylene  -5°C to 170°C Brake Fluid

*For motorsport and off-road use only.