FAQs: Why are braking upgrades important?

Why are braking upgrades important?

Standard OEM brakes are generally designed for cars with standard engines / power outputs, undertaking routine tasks such as the daily commute or school run.

However, OEM components can be put under a lot of strain during performance driving or when paired with increased power outputs, which is where brake upgrades and braided stainless steel brake lines come in to their own.

Upgraded brakes can not only take the strain of hard usage, but also fare much better during prolonged use. The greater efficiency of upgraded pads, discs & callipers is perfectly complimented with a set of stainless steel brake lines. Unlike rubber brake lines, stainless steel braided lines don’t expand when braking pressure is applied, resulting in the user experiencing a much more positive and consistent pedal feel, with reduced sponginess and brake fade.

Braking upgrades not only improve safety on the road, but allow the driver to stop quicker on the track. Dramatically increased pedal feel can give you the confidence to brake later & harder on corner entry, helping to cut those few valuable seconds off your lap times.