FAQs: Braided Brake Lines VS Rubber Brake Lines

Braided Brake Lines VS Rubber Brake Lines

Braided Brake Lines Rubber Brake Lines
Greater braking efficiency Lesser braking efficiency
No expansion under hard braking Considerable expansion under hard braking
Firmer pedal feel, eliminates spongey pedal feel Spongey pedal feel
Stainless Steel Braid for reinforcement No reinforcement
High abrasion resistance Low abrasion resistance
High corrosion resistance Lower corrosion resistance
Long lasting, with lifetime guarantee* Requires replacing every 5-10 years
Suited to spirited or performance driving Limited capabilities for spirited or performance driving
Perfectly compliment pad / disc upgrades Don’t allow for optimum performance from brake upgrades
Custom kits available for brake swaps / big brake upgrades Limited fitting options with “off the shelf” components
Cost-effective upgrade, often cheaper than OEM parts. OEM rubber brake lines can be expensive and hard to source
Huge range of vehicle compatibility, including rare, exotic and classic vehicles Often limited OEM part availability for rare, exotic and classic vehicles
Improved, long-lasting looks with a large choice of hose colours to suit your vehicle Black rubber hoses often fade & crack, and fittings show signs of corrosion after just a short period of time
Most motorcycle kits offered in race or road setup to suit application or preference; perfect for race / track bike and road bikes alike Standard road setup only, often not compliant with race rules & regulations
Used & trusted by motorsport teams of all disciplines, across those globe Rarely used for high-performance applications