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Assembly Instructions For the 811 Fitting and 910 Series Hose


Note: Lubricate threads with duck oil before assembly (or a similar commercial lubricant may be used). Goodridge recommend that the
finished assembly is fully pressure tested prior to use.

Step 1

Step 1 811-910

Step 2

Step 2 811 - 910

Step 3

Step 3 811 - 910

Remove socket from fitting and ensure the hose has clean square cut ends.

Feed the hose into the socket with a turning motion, feeding the braid in as you turn the hose.

Hold the fitting in a vice with smooth or soft jaws, and lubricate the threads with a light oil.

Step 4

Step 4 811 -911

Step 5

Step 5 811 - 910

Step 6

Step 6 811 - 910

Push the hose firmly onto the thread whilst rotating the hose and socket together. Hand tighten both the hose and socket until it becomes too tight to move.

Finish tightening the socket using an aluminium spanner, continue turning the socket until it reaches the base of the thread.

When the socket reaches the base of the thread keep turning for an extra 1.5 complete turns.