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Assembly Instructions for TF-TU25 & 536 Hose and Push Fit Fittings


Note: Lubricate threads with duck oil before assembly (or a similar commercial lubricant may be used). Goodridge recommend that the finished assembly is fully pressure tested prior to use.

Step 1

Step 1 TF TU 25 536

Step 2

Step 2 TF TU 25 536

Step 3

Step 3 TF TU 25 - 536

Step 4

Step TF TU 25 536

Cut hose at the required length using a fine tooth saw blade or cut off wheel. Clean any loose debris from both the cut ends and inside the hose.

Hold the fitting in a bench vice,
lubricate the fitting tail and inside the hose.

Push the hose over the fitting tail until it is tight behind the red hose finisher.

Please Note:
Straight female fittings require the use of a male adaptor during hose assembly to stop the fitting tail turning.