Assembly Instructions For Hardline and Fitting

Note: Lubricate threads with duck oil before assembly (or a similar commercial lubricant may be used). Goodridge recommend that the

finished assembly is fully pressure tested prior to use.


Step 1

Step 1 Hardline

 Step 2

Step 2 Hardline


Step 3

Step 3 Hardline

Step 4

Step 4 Hardline

Step 5


Assemble other end repeating steps 1-4 and pressure test assembly.

1.Once assembled, the hardline fitting should NOT be loosened
and re-assembled. The olive is
permanently attached after
assembly and cannot be removed.
2. For production, we recommend building one template and copying all bends and dimensions from this master sample.


Bend tube to suit installation using a hardline bending tool and observing the minimum bend radius (15mm for -4 and -6 tube)

Deburr and remove any loose pieces of Hycot® cover. Measure and mark 21mm from the end of the hose.

Slide socket and olive onto hose until it reaches the 21mm mark made in step 2

Using an appropriate spanner, assemble the socket until the socket completely covers exposed threads (2mm - 2.5mm between socket and hex)