G Link Quick Disconnect Pull Type Couplings

The Quick Disconnect Couplings of the advantage series, G-Link Pull-Type are compact and lightweight couplings developed for hydraulic and pneumatic purposes in motorsport with operating pressures of up to 200 bar.

The locking mechanism is designed for one-handed operation; no seperate actuation of the retaining sleeve is required for operation.
To verify the correct connection, the female half is equipped with a green indicator ring. This ring can, alternatively, be replaced by a retaining clamp. This can only be attached when the halves are coupled and eliminates the risk of unintentional un-coupling.

Additionally the whole operating mechanism is O-ring sealed to achieve particular suitability for rough conditions to reduce environmental effects.

Both halves, coupler and nipple, are equipped with self acting valves to stop fluid loss during uncoupling as well as air inclusion during coupling.